Santa Susanna

santa-susana Santa Susanna (or “Santa Susana” in Castilian Spanish) is a tiny town in the Costa Brava which lies in the same region as Pineda de Mar and Calella, although it’s smaller than both of them.

Although the coastline of Santa Susanna has been subject to the introduction of various touristic high-rises, the town is very close to the natural Parc de Montnegre and Roman ruins of the attractive tiny town Sant Genís de Palafolls, allowing various types of Costa Brava tourism to take place here.

Things to see in Santa Susanna

Inside the town, there’s various old buildings of interest, including a c.15th ‘Masia’ (farmhouse) and towers, chapels and windmills which date back to the 18th and 19thcenturies.

santa-susanna-barcelona Most of the tourists in the city, however, head directly to the beach. Santa Susanna Beach, which is located in front of the town’s sea walk is divided into three parts: the main Platja de Llevant in the north gives was to the Platja de les Caletes (the “Beach of Coves”) and then the Platja de les Dunes (the “Beach of Dunes”). Of these, the Platja de Llevant is the busiest, and the Platja de les Dunes is relatively quiet. There’s also a nautical station in the Platja de les Dunes. Towards the end of the Platja de les Dunes, the beaches overlap into the beaches of Pineda de Mar.

Santa Susanna de Mar has a large Carrefour hypermarket, anyone staying in a self-catered Costa Brava rental apartment or villa can stock up, and the town market is on Tuesdays. The town has several bars, pubs and restaurants (including a few English/Irish-style pubs) – mostly located around the sea walk.

There’s even a couple of places to dance. The most notable of these, Overland, and house club (address Carretera N-II, km 673) earned a respectable name for itself in the region under previous name DSigual.


How to get to Santa Susanna

Santa Susanna is very easy to get to from Barcelona – trains leave every half hour, and take under an hour and a half. See our article on trains from Barcelona to the Costa Brava for more information, and information about buses to Santa Susanna here.

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