Trains from Barcelona to the Costa Brava

r1-train-line Although it’s relatively easy to reach the Costa Brava by train from Barcelona, the problem is that the trains stop at Blanes, in the south of the Costa Brava, meaning that travellers will frequently have to take a bus or a taxi instead of the train for the final part of the journey.

Tickets and stations

train-barcelona-costa-brava The Barcelona – Costa Brava link is served by the R1 line (blue line). This train stops in four of the main stations in Barcelona: Barcelona Sants (the connection point for those arriving from the airport by train); Barcelona Plaça de Catalunya(the connection point for those travelling from the airport by bus); Barcelona Arc de Triomf and Barcelona El Clot-Aragó. You can buy tickets from any ticket point or marked with “Cercanías”, which means “local trains”, and various ticket machines.

Popular tourist destinations covered by the Barcelona-Costa Brava train include Calella, Pineda de Mar, Santa Susanna and Blanes, which are situated about 1 – 11/2 hours from Barcelona.

Train timetables on weekdays

Trains run frequently: every half an hour to Blanes and up to every ten minutes for other destinations. The first train leaves Barcelona Sants at 5.46 am, and the last at 10.54 pm. You can consult a PDF of weekday train timetables here. Return journeys run at similar times, give or take fiftenn minutes – see the corresponding PDF for return journeys here.

Train timetables on weekends and holidays

Trains still run often, so there’s no need to worry about being “stuck” in Barcelona on a Sunday evening. The first train leaves at 6.12 am, and the last at 10.42 pm. PDF of weekend train timetables here. See the corresponding PDF for return journeys here.

Taking the train to Girona

train-spainYou can also take a train from Barcelona – Girona, which is served by a different line and considered to be a destination of “media distancia” (medium distance) as opposed to a “cercanía”. These take up to 1h40, and leave from Barcelona Sants, Barcelona Passeig de Gràcia and Barcelona Clot-Aragó. The earliest trains leave a 5.56 am on weekdays (6.46 am on Saturdays and 7.46 am on Sundays) and the last leaves at 9.46 pm every day of the week.

You can double check times for trains in Barcelona and the Costa Brava on the official Spanish National Rail website.

17 thoughts on “Trains from Barcelona to the Costa Brava

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  4. Hi
    We are staying at a resort in Santa Sussana and I was wonder which places we can visit using public transport from here? I understand the Barcelona is about 1 hour and 15 mins away. How can I get to Girona or other tourist places using bus from Santa Sussana?

    Many thanks,

  5. Hey! Im coming to have a holiday in costa brava. We bought flights to Barcelona, so how we can get from the Barcelona AirPort to Costa brava? Our flight is there about 11pm..

  6. Hi,
    I am going to Barcelona for 9 days from 20 to 29 April…and I want to try Scuba Diving in Costa Brava…Can anyone suggest me, how many days would be better to be in Costa Brava? What transportation would be better and cheap to go forth and back from Barcelona to Costa Brava?? Are there any hostel available at the central Costa Brava or near Scuba Diving site ?? Thank you.

    • Hi Raj,
      There are so many things to do on the Costa Brava that it is difficult to say how many days you need to see it all. I’d recommend at least three days to see Girona, Dali Museum and Cadaques. There are buses and trains linking Barcelona and Girona, from Girona you would need to catch local buses. I don’t know where you are going to be diving so can’t give you any suggestions about where to stay on the Costa Brava.

  7. Hi admin,

    I am planning a trip to Costa Brava in september this year. I need to know if there is any local train service from barcelona train stations to Costa Brava. Also I am going to use Eurail Global pass of eurorail, which i need to know if it covers local train services of Spain or not.

  8. Hi how do I get from barcalona airport to Pineda del mar we arrive on Saturday 28 June around 10 am

    • The best way is to catch the train from the airport to Sants Estacio where you will change onto R1 which will take you straight to Pineda. Enjoy your holiday.

  9. I’m on the camping Cal a Gogo in Sant Antoni de Calonge. The 11th of July I want to pay a day visit to Barcelona. What’s the best to do this trip? By car, bus or train. Where can I park my car in Barcelona in a safe way? Where can I take the train or bus?

    • THe best way would be to drive to Macanet and catch the train to Barcelona from there. It is safe to leave your car in the majority of places in Barcelona but the cost of parking makes it very prohibitive so it is better to come in by train and hop off in the centre of the city.

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