Technically, the town of Blanes is where the Costa Brava is really considered to begin. This large town is one of the most often visited in the Costa Brava, largely due to its beaches, location on the train line and easy access from Barcelona. It’s particularly popular with Dutch tourists, who come here in droves during summer.

Things to do in Blanes

One of the highlights of Blanes’ social calendar is its Firework Festival, which is frequented by over 100,000 people. Pyrotechnical teams from countries all around the world are judged by an expert jury to win this prestigious competition of flame and gunpowder.

Blanes has five beaches.

  • The main Blanes beach, if you can find somewhere to spread your towel out in the summer, is a blue flag beach that’s great for swimming in. It has thick golden sand.
  • S’Abanell beach, is the largest and often most conveniently-located for tourists, and offers golden sands and clean, if slightly windy, waters.
  • Santa Anna beach, also known as Els Capellans beach, is a smaller, simple cove with thick sand, that’s often a lot quieter than the main beaches (especially in winter).
  • Sant Francesc beach, also known as the “Cala Bona” (Good Cove – be aware that this isn’t the only beach in the Costa Brava to bear this title!), is a pretty blue-flag cove with golden sands, surrounded by pine trees and a favourite of local residents.
  • Finally, Treumal beach, to the north of Blanes, is the furthest and also perhaps the most beautiful, surrounded as it its by natural scenery. It’s quite small and fills up in peak times.

The nightlife in Blanes is another distinct attraction, although as of late things have quietened down somewhat. Several clubs play a variety of tunes that, invariably, end up sounding pretty similar. This is a safe environment for those crossing the threshold to adulthood to experiment with first solo outings. There’s also a variety of Spanish-style nightlife on offer, as this resort town has a higher proportion of internal tourism than crazier neighbours such as Lloret de Mar. The closeby Casino Lloret de Mar lies in between the two, if you fancy taking your chances.

Blanes is also known for its attractive “Mar i Murtre” and “Pinya de Rosa” botanical gardens. The town’s old quarter is also full of charmingly typical narrow cobbled streets, filled with shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. The town used to be a fishing village, and you can still see fishermen bringing their produce to auction when they arrive at Blanes Port at the day’s end.

Getting to Blanes from Barcelona

By far the easiest way to get to Blanes is by train from Barcelona (about 1h30 away), although there are also several Costa Brava buses to Blanes. The following company rents holiday apartments in Blanes.

Tourist Map of Blanes


For a larger map, click here.

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